Career & Technical Education

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Tucker County High School offers Career & Technical Education programs our students can complete to become certified in a skill or trade. These comprehensive programs allow our students to graduate with the necessary skills to enter the workforce or continue their education at a Career & Technical College or 4-year institution.

Our programs for completion: 

  • Visual Arts

  • Performing Arts

  • Computer Science

  • Liberal Arts

  • English/Journalism

  • Social Science

  • Engineering

  • ProStart Restaurant Management

  • Business

  • Collision Repair

  • Health Science

  • Carpentry 

  • Automotive Technology

  • Vocational Agriculture (Power, Structure, and Technical Systems)

  • Vocational Agriculture (Agribusiness Systems Concentration) 

West Virginia offers several opportunities and institutions for students to continue their education in the Career & Technical field. Additionally, the State of West Virginia offers the West Virginia Invests Grant to our students, a last-dollar-in program that assists with the cost of tuition and associated fees for high-demand career fields at participating 2 & 4 year institutes. 

Please contact the counselor or the CTE Director if you have any questions regarding CTE. If you are a student and need assistance in exploring your options, please see the counselor. To send your transcripts, please utilize the transcript request tab or see the counselor. Additionally, there are scholarships specific to CTE fields in the Scholarship tab.